Friday, February 27

My Profile

Hello! My name is Ethyn and I live in the city of Hamilton!
I have many favourite hobbies like computing, music, trampolining and trying different things. I play the keyboard, a bit of guitar, MIDI controlling and most percussion. Most of the time when I'm in my room I'm on the computer. I can never keep track of how many things I'm doing on it, but it's always something that helps me or is fun for me and others. I also use my computer for researching homework. I go on my trampoline frequently and never get bored of it. I can't do many tricks, but when i do tricks they are always cool to me.

I have a wonderful family who I love. I have a mum and a dad, 4 grandparents (who spoil me greatly), no siblings which I kind of like because I'm not being annoyed (that's my dad's job), uncountable aunts, uncles and cousins (my favourite cousins are my mum's sister's kids). I have a huge family tree, but it a stop at me because I'm the only one at the bottom of my main surname tree.

Later in life i would love to be some kind of doctor, possibly a surgeon. I think I can live up to this dream if I try hard enough. I like the feeling helping someone in serious need.

I have a fear of bees and wasps; I always get paranoid around bush because I'm afraid a bee will fly out. Once I was on my scooter going down a hill, then out of no where a wasp (or some bee) fly's out and hover in front of me. I was scared it was going to sting me, so i tried to buzz it away, little did I know that there was a pothole in from of me, so my wheels fell into it and i flew over my handle bars scraping my whole legs and I had to work to school slowly. That was a bad experience!


  1. Good introduction Ethyn, you seem like you are a great musician.

  2. I agree with Jiarn, but I didn't know you wanted to be a doctor! This is very descriptive, and tells everyone plenty about you.

  3. Hello Ethyn! I really enjoyed this post! You included personal details about yourself that were interesting to read. I especially liked your writing style in the part about your fears. Keep up the great work!