Tuesday, March 24

The Block Reflection

Around week 3, Aranui had a big event called "The Block". It was part of or unit of inquiry. "How we organize ourselves." It was a challenge event where we had multiple things to do to score points for our team of around ten people. They ranged from physical to mental and teamwork challenges.

We first, in our groups, had to answer questions based on random things. eg. Who directed the hobbit? Our team came last, but we were determined to push on.

 Next we were told to set up our tents where we would eat our food and hang out whenever there wasn't a challenge. One of us had brought a gazebo so tried we put that up. Our team did NOT work well together! But, nevertheless or team came third which put us ahead.

Tug of war was next, but we knew we didn't have the strongest of people. we still tried anyway... we didn't win, but we didn't lose (we came 6th equal with everyone who lost, so technically we lost).

After break, which was normal snack food from our bags, one of the hardest challenges was coming up... the mental challenge... where we had to hold our backs against a wall with our feet in front like we were sitting on a chair that isn't there. We all had turns (whenever someone gave up, someone else would be beside them to take their position) and it was surprisingly hard; it was a defiantly test of mental skill. I'm not sure what place we came, but it wasn't last.

Then was my favorite bit, eating time! Our group had brought drinks, chips, Lamingtons, hot dogs and a lot of Oreos. We all had a go at the food. We thought that it wasn't going to last! When I was full there was still plenty of food. It all got chucked, but it was well worth it.

Our them had not the best people physical and teamwork wise, but we still fought on, but in the end our placing was...


It still was a great experience and was still great fun.


  1. That sound pretty awesome Ethyn! I'll have to read your class blog to learn more about the whole experience. My class and I are looking forward to getting to know all of you and to learn about New Zealand. I'll be kids there and here in Ontario, Canada are very similar. What are your favourite things to do outside of school?

    1. Hi Ms. Little!

      I love to go outside on my trampoline and play around with my computer. I also play keyboard and a bit of other instruments as well. I am an only child so I don't have siblings to play with, but I still have friends who come visit and hang out.
      I imagine it is colder in Canada and we have many warm days in New Zealand especially in the North Island (thats were we are) so we can go to the beach and rest in the sun. We don't have snow in the North Island though so that would be fun to have.
      We also eat a lot of different foods (many of which are from all over the world). Does Canada, or Ontario specifically have any traditional/unique foods?