Monday, April 27

Board Game History!

Today I will be talking about the history of board games!
I hope you learn something.

Board game are used widely around the world and even in countries not available to the actual boards who draw their boards in the sand. Even though they are widely, not many people have learnt there origin.

The first ever recorded use of board games was over 7000 years ago found in Ur (Iran in 5500BC).
Many old games have been found in tombs like this one. Many important parents would bury their children (if they were deceased) in a tomb with their favourite toys and games.
The early Egyptians used mud gaming boards. A board and a peg was found in a tomb at about 2800BC shows to players with pegs. Dice were used in this game and it had a drawer with more pieces where they were stored.

Board game were used for entertainment and fun. Now a lot of board game are for championships and for some they are their life! If you go to a chess champs it is very interesting to see what happens! Chess is the oldest surviving game!

I hope you learnt some thing from this post!

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