Sunday, April 19

New Horizons!


Hi! Today I will be writing about my New Horizons trip I did last term!

The ride there is twisty and will quickly make anyone sick if you don't look straight forward, still, I continue to talk to the kids in the back. We talk about many things ranging from the latest pop songs to the cows passing by. We realize how unusual it is to have a studio in the middle of no where, but where assume that is what makes it unique. After what seemed like an hour drive, we finally arrive. A small house greets us.

My fingers smashing on the keyboard make wonderful sounds. All the sounds are collected in one computer where they are piled up to make a big heap of fine music. Singers are in the mute room, their instruments are their mouths. The Drummer is in the loud room where sounds are reflected off wall to prevent sounds from escaping in to outsiders ears. The Drummers instrument is their drums and sticks. The Guitarist's fingers pick and strings which wobble and shake, these sound are emitted from a speaker in to a mic that sends he sounds to the pile. The Guitarist's instrument is the strings. My instrument is the keys in which when pressed emit unique melody's.

A new set of children are in the car now. This time crazy and erratic. They poke there heads out the window shouting at passer-byes! And the laughing! Oh the laughing was enough to drive a grown man crazy! But luckily i am not a grown my and thought this was hilarious also. My dad on the other hand looked he was in a bubble that blocked out all sound; he looked like he couldn't hear a word!
This all had to end because we had reached our destination. Another two days of this? I've got a long ride ahead of me!

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