Friday, September 4

Blogging and My Feelings Towards it

In my class we are made to make two blog posts a week which many of us are happy to do and enjoy it, but some of us do not have the same love for it and don't have the necessary equipment to do such a task. I should not have to be forced to do it in my own school class time where I could be doing a much more productive task and have fun while preforming it.

Mrs Hogg says that blogging's purpose is to show our writing to a large audience world-wide, but nobody really looks at my blog anyway and I don't want random people looking at my work. Yes I could advertise and get more views, but honestly, who cares about what I've done? My parents? I'll just show them in person. All the stuff we have to write is hideously boring so if I can't stand to write it, who is gonna stand to read it? It's pointless.

Not many people in our class actually like blogging (specifically the girls like it) so why should we be forced to do it if it doesn't have much of a benefit and we get zero fun out of it.

In a way I kind of enjoyed writing this post which goes against my words, but I'm expressing my hate towards it in a way I'm telling you my feelings not writing a stupid blog post. Want me to do 5 more posts? Sweet! More times to write about my feelings towards class. I know for a fact many people would find this post interesting so I hope you do. I know someone who will not.

I have better things to do then write a blog post.


  1. What a great piece of writing Ethyn. I would now love to see you finishing this text by ensuring that you address the other side of the argument as you are expected to do in persuasive texts. This will involve you including a paragraph addressing the other side of the argument and then rebut this. I have included a link for you to have a look at I look forward to checking in and seeing your rebuttal and obviously this will also provide you a chance to see why/how blogging can be beneficial :-)

  2. I feel pretty much the same way. I am glad that you were brave enough to share it on your blog.