Monday, September 7

My Counter Argument to Myself?

As you would have seen from my last post I am not very mentally inclined to do blog posts, but I have finally found a topic that is: 1. Not boring 2. Fun to write and 3. Something I can write like I actually want to write it. So here is my counter argument on why blogging is beneficial! (Suggested by Miss Wihongi) I decided not to do a rebuttal for this, but I will in the future for later topics.

Blogging, as I have stated, has not been very beneficial to me that I have noticed, but there are the things I have not noticed that are beneficial. For example, I can express my thoughts to a large audience easily, blogging can be more fun if you write about something that interests you and there is a chance to get people to know you better. Blogging can be fun and beneficial if you put your mind to it.

Seven months ago my class entered the Student Blogging Challenge!
( It was about teaching children and teens how to make a blog, write on a blog and comment on blogs in an effective fashion. Also, when you signed up, your name was in a list of hundreds of student with their own blogs to read about. This opened up the chance for people from all around the world to visit your blog! You can also comment on other peoples blogs and leave a link to your own blog. The person or persons will feel compelled to click on it because you made a wonderful comment! (and they won't if your comment sucked) Getting people around the world to see your work can open many of opportunities and most most of the time, opportunities are beneficial to oneself. Plus, It's easy!

Going back to the Student Blogging Challenge, we learnt a lot of different things! Like commenting on blogs to writing about things none of us actually cared about and nobody actually cared to read. I found this (along with many others) extremely boring. In a way, it might have put me off blogging in the first place. Now I have found something I can stand to write about! If you can find something that you would like to write about, then it can develop into a whole lot of fun! Blogging can be and should be fun and beneficial for you.

One of the many topics to write about on a blog is yourself. People love to get to know each other and that is a fact. No I don't mean what you did over the holidays (honestly, the least it can make me feel is jealousy and I don't want to be made jealous) I mean what you like to do and something interesting about yourself. I also want to get to know a funny story that happened to you. It's always good to get a laugh, even a small chuckle, out of someone. It will form a kind of connection between the two of you. This could lead to long-distance (and short-distance) friendships! A chain of comments could evolve and start an endless discussion, but only, if it is relatable and interesting. Having a overseas friend can be fun and it can be achieved through blogging if they just get to know you.

As I have stated blogging can be fun and beneficial to oneself if you try.

Yes, I still have better things to do then blogging, but I have chosen to write on this blog, because it is fun and beneficial for me.

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