Thursday, October 22

The Internet (Blog Action Day)

The internet has many problems concerning me, like common misconceptions, our heavy reliability on it and just idiots using it. There are many common misconceptions that stop people from using the internet to it's full extent. It IS safe is you can understand that it is.

You can earn lots of money online...                  NO YOU CAN'T! Of course you can make money online through advertising, but a lot of people are dragged into the ever so misleading binary options (It's like a stock market helper). It doesn't work properly, WOW I just got ten dollars! Worth the thousands I wasted to get to it. Making money online is not the way to go.

Also, many parent are concerned over their children get stalked or approached by sexual predators so the say "No Facebook, Instagram, Myspace (who even uses myspace) etc." Basically no social connection over the internet. Some people go as far as no internet at all. This is limiting a lot of things for children/teens. The fact is there is not as many sexual predators as you think there is. Not everyone you meet online is willing to find you and hurt you. A lot of people are actually great friends to get with (I have many international friends I have met on steam). If you get taught and even teach your self how to avoid the very very few harmful people on the internet. You are going to be safe.

Lastly, not everything is true. I'm sure a lot of you have been taught this before, but still many of us forget about this. Wikipedia. Super useful for exams and studying, but sometimes it is super unreliable. And no you are not going to die of a horrible disease because you are coughing. Or are you? (Seriously though)

Imagine this, Everything we need to live smoothly and keep us safe is on the internet, like crime databases, severely important documents and even power. And then. It just stops. The internet just stops. The world would be in a constant state of chaos. In fact this could be our world one day. It is scary to think if one thing falls, we fall with it. There is a lack of physical backups (as in paper) to keep us safe just in case. Power runs on schedules and a system used to keep stations running all on the internet. We should have manual systems for power. Hopefully we will maintain the internet to a standard where it won't collapse.

Some of you guys are idiots. The people who are on the internet just sending absolute hate to others, the stalkers and the hackers. What urges you to do these horrible things to this world? The internet is a resource we should use, but we use it for the better not the worse. Please just don't. I know most of you, if not all of you, reading this now, are not bad people.

The Internet is safe and fun, but some things/people prohibit that.

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