Sunday, May 24

Blog Audit

This is my audit of my blog!

I have written 20 posts (this is the 21st).

6 of the posts were school based, 3 for fun and 10 for student blogging (1 was just the welcome).

I received 5 comments from classmates, 3 from teachers and 4 from overseas students.

My profile had the most comments. I think this is because my profile is one of the things people will look for to get to know me. I put detail into it and people commented about my bad experience and my wish to become some kind of doctor!

I enjoyed writing about me the most because I like to express myself so this was an enjoyable and public way of saying so.

I haven't changed my blog theme since I started! I thin my current theme is pleasing to the eye and has a good mix of colors.

I have 1 fun widget, 1 counter widget and 3 blog widgets. I think this is just enough because I haven't gone wild with unnecessary widgets that are distracting.

I have used Easymosa for a professional looking mosaic picture, Jigsaw planet for a puzzle game of my mosaic and Travelers-point for a map with lines to show my travel trip!

My dad is my audit partner here is what he told me.

His first impressions were seeing heaps of information and a good color scheme.

He said he didn't notice anything too distracting.

The grey block background captured his eye, he said the 3D effect of it looked nice.

He told me that to improve my blog, I should add more pictures and videos to further increase peoples liking of my posts.

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