Monday, May 4


My Favorite Computer!

I'm sitting at my computer playing some games and then guess what? My computer breaks down! I restart my computer and keep playing. It crashes again! I go tell my dad and he say I should just deal with it. It happens again and again and again until it finally won't start again! This is devastating! I can't play games or do anything computer wise!

My dad said he would come in and fix it. So he comes and tries to turn it on. No luck. He hits my computer as hard as he can. I thought that would destroy it even more! Once again, no luck. So he says "We might have to get you a new one." This is great news! I have always wanted a new computer! I wish it could be better then my broken one. But... I have to wait till Christmas... well.

The wait was horrible. I had to use my mum's old laptop! It was terrible and hardly ran properly. But the day is today! Christmas morning! I couldn't wait to unbox my computer! I didn't want to have breakfast, I didn't want to watch other open their presents, I just want to get my computer! I finally get my turn to open presents... I open the big one and...  a computer case. This must have been a joke.
I try to hold in my rage and open my other presents. One by one pieces of a computer start to unwrap. And finally... a computer building toolkit. I'm going to build my own computer!

Here's a link for how to build your own and what you need!
Click Here!

If you could build a computer, what would you use it for?


  1. It is interesting that you could make your own computer. I would like to build my computer when I grow older.

  2. Ethyn G, I am so happy that you were able to build your own computer. I hope it is working out for you. I admire your patience at having to wait for so many months until the say you got it.