Thursday, May 21

Animals and us

(This is for the student blogging challenge!)

Animals. I love many types (Specifically Cats!) and many colours of them, but many today are neglected and mistreated leaving hostile and sick animals which can be a danger for those around.

I love little cuddly animals and animals which can be domesticated easily like cats and birds. I have two cats myself and they are cute little fur-balls! I also like birds even though I have never had one myself! I would hate to see any of my pets mistreated, but it is a daily problem!

In nearly every country a few animal are neglected or mistreated. They are either not fed, hurt intentionally, not given medical help, not loved, not given a safe shelter and sold on the black market for money. In many places where wild animals roam, there are bound to be poachers. Poachers are people who steal animal and sell them for hefty amounts of money. It is very illegal to poach.

Poachers steal many types of animals from tigers to hippopotamuses. They also kill them for things like trunks and claws. Diseases can also spread from killing then eating. Outbreaks of Ebola have been associated with eating ape meat. Poaching can leave little animals left and it can make it hard for animals to breed so the causing effect could mean many species.

These things happen in many countries so it is up to us to stop domestic (and not domestic) violence to animal. If you see somebody hurting an animal, see if you can step in, but if your not up to it (or it looks like you would soon be in the violence) call the police. It is illegal to hurt animals or steal them so don't even try!

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